At this time Open Play is not available.  However, Private Playdates are available to families with existing memberships.  

Open Play

Open Play

​During Open Play parent/caregivers are free to play with their child or sit back and relax while supervising play.  The Playroom is intended for children ages 1-8 years old.  Siblings under 12-months are welcome at no charge. 


Monday-Friday      9AM-6PM

Saturday                 9AM-12PM


  • $18.00 for the first child.

  • $10.00 for each sibling over 12 months.

Packages for Members

  • Learn about Membership

  • Multi-visit passes are available to members only.

  • Unlimited Family Memberships automatically include unlimited visits to Open Play.​


  • No shoes are allowed in The Playroom.  

  • Socks must be worn at all times.

  • No food or drink, except water.

  • Stay home if you are sick; we reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who might pose a health risk to the other guests.

  • Parents and caregivers are expected to pay attention to children to prevent injury and excessive disruption.

  • Please clean up after yourself and your children. We want to maintain a clean, safe, and enjoyable environment for all families.

  • Aggressive or rough play is not permitted. We reserve the right to ask patrons to leave if play becomes too rough.

  • Strollers are not permitted in our facility. Strollers should be collapsed and left in the foyer, if they cannot be left in the car. We are not responsible for lost or stollen belongings.

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